A Little Backstory… My First Computers

Here’s a little backstory.  My first computer was a Commodore 64 – loved it, but a disk drive was not in the budget at the time.  I remember the hours spent typing in programs from magazines, the pain of finding mistakes when the program didn’t run properly, and the joy of actually seeing the program run!  But without a disk drive to save to, the joy was short-lived.  I had a game or two on cartridge but I really wanted something I could save to.

Then I saw the Coleco Adam on sale.  I still remember the commercial I fell in love with – a kid rolling his computer chair along his desk to a different part of the computer and saying “Engage the radar tracking device!”.  It looked awesome on TV, and the whole system including cassette drive and printer was almost the same price as the Commodore 64 I had!  Plus it played all those awesome ColecoVision cartridges.  So, the Commodore 64 went back to the store and I came home with a Coleco Adam.